Beginner’s guide to Spanish Octopus

A magnificent start to any meal-Spanish octopus is not just a visual stunner but a delicate vehicle for all kinds of worldly flavors.  The thing about octopus-if you ask any connoisseur-is it needs to be cooked or prepared correctly.  Many times, I have bit into a rubbery or chewy piece.  This is no fault of the poor octopus instead a mere mishap in the way it was prepared in the kitchen.  Here is a bit of guidance for those beginners who are feeling adventurous and want to try something new!

Buying octopus

Preparing octopus

Cooking octopus

Whether it is Indian aromatics, Italian sauces, or Peruvian flavors you crave, Spanish octopus is extremely versatile and blends well with whatever you are craving for tonight!  Approachable and accessible-(if you order from Catch 35’s Catch Fresh Market)- octopus can easily make it onto this week’s dinner plans.  Ask your server for details!

On the Menu

There is no need to tackle this on your own, Catch 35-seafood and premium steaks in Naperville and Chicago offers Spanish Octopus as a starter and it is featured on the 2019 James Beard Eats Week menu starting April 26th thru May 6th.

“This year the starter is a play on one of Catch 35’s most popular new dishes-Charred Spanish Octopus,” added Catch 35’s Chef Eddie Sweeney.  “I chose to char the octopus because it adds a nice delicate smokiness for the perfect bite.  I added richness from the duck confit and fingerling potatoes and brightened it with a tangy chimichurri.”

Don’t miss out Chicago and Naperville foodies!  The Eats Week specials are only available for a limited time.

Stay Tuned!

There are many ways to celebrate at Catch 35 from weekly bar specials to a $37 Prix Fixe menu to Seasonal Seafood specials.  Stay tuned to our upcoming events on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!  So whether you are celebrating your next special occasion or having a night out with friends.  Catch 35 offers a wide range of fresh seafood and mouth watering steak options for you.

See you there!