5 new dishes and wine pairings you must try this Spring

Finally, it’s Spring! So let’s put away those winter jackets and break out the bikes. This time of year is a celebration of renewal and growth. So let’s celebrate at Catch 35, seafood and premium steaks, with 5 new Spring dishes and wine pairings.

Spring dishes and wine pairings

  1. Coconut Shrimp with Thai peanut sauce, Asian slaw, sweet chili, crushed peanuts.

Catch 35’s coconut shrimp is like no other. Our chefs start off with plump Florida white shrimp that is beer battered and coated in coconut then flash fried. Next, we lay the coconut shrimp in a bed of lightly spiced Thai peanut sauce and sprinkle crushed peanuts on top. Enjoy with Asian slaw and dunk into Catch 35’s signature sweet chili sauce.

Wine pairing recommendation

Sparkling wine is best to pair with the coconut shrimp. Because of the sweetness and high acidity accented with fruit flavors, it perfectly balances the spice of the Thai peanut and sweet chili sauce in the coconut shrimp dish.

  1. Pacific Manila Clams with Nueske’s bacon, fennel, onions, white wine, sourdough crostini

Pacific Manila clams are gently steamed in a white wine, fennel, onion, and butter sauce. Topped with crispy Nueske’s bacon, this dish is layered with fresh Spring flavors and aromas. The Pacific Manila clam is tender and mildly sweet, a perfect start to a remarkable meal at Catch 35.

Wine pairing recommendation

Sauvignon blanc and blends are your choice when pairing with a dish that is aromatic and meaty with fresh Spring flavors like the Pacific Manila clams.

  1. 3. Iceberg Wedge with Nueske’s bacon, hard boiled egg, grape tomatoes, everything spice, blue cheese dressing, dill

Salads are great way to eat healthier during the Spring season. But at Catch 35, a seafood restaurant in Chicago and Naperville, this salad is no joke DELICIOUS! The crispy Iceberg wedge is topped with savory Nueske’s bacon, hard-boiled egg, and zesty tomato but the real treat is the EVERYTHING spice and blue cheese dressing topping. Creamy and crunchy, this Spring dish is a MUST-HAVE.

Wine pairing recommendation

Choose a Riesling when eating the Iceberg wedge. Due to the creamy blue cheese dressing and savory bacon, a late-harvest Riesling would balance the dish out well. However, not everyone enjoys a sweet wine in the beginning of a meal, so another option could be a lighter beer like a hefeweizen.

  1. Fresh Alaskan Halibut T-bone with maitre d hotel butter, potatoes, and creamed spinach

The T-bone is meatier with a firmer and juicier texture. T-bone steaks are firm, white, and meaty. An excellent source of high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals, makes halibut a perfect option for the Spring season. Fresh halibut is only available from mid-March to November. It is also low in sodium, calories, and fat. At Catch 35, Halibut is celebrated as the “Steak” of fishes, so in that same sense, we prepare the halibut t-bone steak as our other “From the Farm” premium steaks with a compound butter filled with herbs and spices, roasted potatoes, and our ultimate side creamed spinach.

Wine pairing recommendation

You can go red or white here. White wines stick to the Sauvignon Blanc to balance out the richness of the t-bone. Choose a stonefruit forward Sauvignon. As for reds, a Merlot that is softer and bit more rounded out than a Cab. Try a merlot from Washington State. It exhibits elements of cabernet yet subtle features of a merlot.

  1. Tiramisu with lady fingers, mascarpone cheese, kahlua, espresso, and whipped crème

The finishing touch on any meal is definitely dessert. Tiramisu combines the smoky flavors of espresso and kahlua with creamy mascarpone cheese and whipped cream. The perfect bite delivers a satisfying scoop of rich creaminess with a hint of sweetness.

Wine pairing recommendation

A sweet white or a sparkling rose fit the bill when pairing with tiramisu.  The sweetness of the wines will brighten the smoky coffee flavor in the tiramisu.

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Join us whether it is for lunch or dinner, business or casual, at Catch 35 your seafood restaurant in Chicago and Naperville. See you soon!