Cool off with Catch 35’s New Gelatos!

Nowadays, ice cream is just not the same. Whether it’s a savory flavor, custard, soft serve, or more recently a gelato, ice cream is evolving the American palate. Gelato originates in Italy, as it is the Italian word for ice cream. The flavor and consistency is a bit different than the traditional ice cream many Americans grew up on.

Dense and Intense

Gelato starts with a simple custard base similar to ice cream. However, gelato has more milk and fewer eggs. It is slowly churned which reduces the amount of air that is the gelato making a creamier and denser gelato. Gelato should be served room temperature so the texture is silky and soft. The flavor you choose of the gelato should be intense.

Villa Dolce Gelato

Recently, Catch 35 changed over to Villa Dolce Gelato, a high quality gelato from an Italian American family. The family wanted to insure a genuine Italian gelato experience for all ice cream lovers. To insure this the family imported equipment and ingredients from Italy to make their classic gelatos.   These specific gelatos are offered throughout fine dining restaurants, resorts, and hotels worldwide. Today, the family is experimenting with American flavors and combining them with their traditional ingredients for a unique gelato experience.


Gelato and Sorbettos

100% handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, Villa Dolce uses only fresh fruit, pure cane sugar, and fresh pasteurized cream free of growth hormones. They incorporate real world flavors like Real Belgium Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Mangos from India, and Argentine Dulce de Leche.

Sorbettos offers up a tangy and refreshing fruit explosion in your mouth; The perfect way to cool your palate on a hot summer’s night. From the exotic mango to the traditional strawberry, these sorbettos are a refreshing end to your meal at Catch 35, seafood and premium steaks.

Fun Facts about Gelato….

  1. It has less butterfat than ice cream….the gelato is denser because less air is churned into it not because it has more fat.
  2. Warmer gelato temps, gives it an intense flavor…..your tongue is less numbed by the cold and you can taste the flavors better.
  3. Most popular gelato flavors in Italy are bacio, stracciatella, and fico….Americans might wonder what those ingredients are…simply bacio (chocolate hazelnut)… stracciatella (vanilla with streaks of chocolate chip) and fico (fig)

Keeping it fresh at Catch 35!

Catch 35 is located in the heart of downtown Naperville and in Chicago’s Theater district. We pride ourselves on fresh high quality ingredients. As I write this blog, our flavor selection of gelatos is probably changing. So on your next visit for a dinner filled with fresh seafood and premium steaks at Catch 35, ask your server about today’s selection of gelatos. It’s a perfect ending to our 3 course Prix Fixe Menu for only $37. You can choose to eat it on its own or a la mode to one of Catch 35’s Signature desserts like the Carrot cake bread pudding with caramelized pineapple, butter, toasted carrot cake, oatmeal cookie crust, vanilla sauce. A decadent option for sure.



See you soon!