Enjoy Some Authentic Maine Lobster Tails in Chicago at Catch 35!

Foodies and other diners who enjoy great seafood already know about the wonderful dishes served at Catch 35. The array of delicious choices is astounding and expands regularly. Mouth-watering selections such as Chilean Sea Bass, Lake Superior Whitefish or Atlantic Salmon are available for hungry customers to enjoy most any time of year. One item that should not be missed are their spectacular Maine Lobster Tails.

Lobsters have been caught for consumption since the nineteenth century. Prior to this it believed lobsters were larger in size and lived much longer than they do now. Magellan noted these seafood delicacies were as thick as “molasses” in parts of coastal water explored in the old Massachusetts territory, which he extensively traveled.

Lobster tails are a very unique tasting treat that may be enjoyed by themselves or accompanied with a steak or crab legs. The tails are the very sweetest and most delicious part of the lobster. This is also where the largest portion of meat can be found. Properly cooked lobster meat is white colored and has an elastic consistency. Serve with melted butter, stuffed with crab or simply Old Bay to enhance the great flavor. Tails are a true seafood delicacy that is unique in its flavor and taste.

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All the outstanding menu items at Catch 35 are cooked to perfection by expert chefs. Years of experience preparing the freshest items available lead to a difference you can taste. The staff at Catch 35 are at the forefront of all the latest culinary trends to ensure its guests receive the highest quality entrees.

In northern Illinois, Catch 35 has been serving the highest quality Maine Lobster Tails and seafood of all types for many years. You can always be assured of receiving the very best food amid a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. The stellar menu for both lunch and dinner feature the very freshest fish and seafood. Visit our website regularly to view the latest specials or give them a call at 312-346-3500 in Chicago or at 630-717-3500 in Naperville.  Don’t miss out on our monthly Ocean to Plate eventsnext one is Aug. 26th in Naperville or Aug. 27th in Chicago featuring Maine lobster-3 courses paired with wines for $45-a true culinary experience led by our very own Chef Eddie Sweeney.