Martinis at Catch 35

Shaken or stirred… What’s your favorite martini? One of the best known mixed cocktails, martinis are the perfect compliment to any meal. Sit back and relax at Catch 35 Chicago, a seafood restaurant in Chicago’s Theater district, and sip on your martini while you listen to Live Jazz Tuesday-Saturday from 6-9pm.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 standard Martinis Shaken or Stirred…..

  1. Dry Martini made with vodka or gin and a touch of vermouth became famous during the 1920’s
  2. Dirty Martini made w/ gin or vodka and a splash of olive brine/juice garnished with stuffed olive
  3. The “Tini” usually contains vodka mixed with fruit/chocolate/coffee liqueurs

Want to make a classic martini at home, here are a few tips to make this iconic cocktail….

  1. Keep your alcohol in the fridge to help melt the ice a bit
  2. Chill your martini glass before (put in freezer or fill w/ a glass of ice & dump before pouring the drink
  3. Us a long stem martini glass to avoid warming the drink w/ your hands
  4. Ideal ratio of gin/vodka to vermouth varies 7-1, 5-1, or 3-1 depending on how you like it.


A few suggestions to get you through the work week!  

How is Catch 35 serving up the Martini? Here are just a few you can choose from……

 Catch 35 Martini Menu

 Martinis – 12

*Enjoy $6 Martinis on Wednesday

 Raspberry Limon

New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka, Bacardi Limon, Sour Mix, Chambord

 Limoncello Drop

New Amsterdam Citrus Vodka, Limoncello, Triple Sec, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar Rim

IMG_6571 (5)

 Key Lime Martini

House Infused Vanilla Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Cream, Graham Cracker Rim


Tito’s Handmade Vodka, House Blend Tea, Fresh Lime Juice, Peach Schnapps, Simple Syrup

Lady in Red

Makers Mark Whiskey, Rose’s Pomegranate, Fresh Lemon Juice,Topped with Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Dragonfly Martini

Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, Fresh Strawberry Puree, Fresh Lemon Juice


New Amsterdam Citrus Vodka, Peach Schnapps,Sour Mix, Rose’s Pomegranate


Crème Brulee

House Infused Vanilla Vodka, Licor 43, Butterscotch Schnapps, Godiva White Chocolate Liquor

Catch Sidecar

Hennessey Cognac, Triple Sec, Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Sugar Rim

Smores Martini

Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquor, Pinnacle Marshmallow Vodka, Van Gough Caramel Vodka, Graham Cracker Chocolate Rim


How have martinis changed?  

Looking back the traditional stirred vermouth/gin cocktail with a splash of olives has completely changed to a trendier version with vodka. New drinkers, as well as vodka lovers in general prefer a vodka martini because its neutral flavor allows it to easily mix with a wide variety of juices/creams/liqueurs.

Martinis Shaken or Stirred Today

-with different combinations of fresh fruit, vegetable juices, splashes of cream, colored/flavored liqueurs, cold brew coffee are all over bar menus.   You may have also noticed all the new garnishes, instead of the typical olive, like orange peel, marinated/pickled veggies, or sticks of fresh herbs. So if you are headed to a Chicago theater show or taking a stroll on Naperville’s Riverwalk, stop in at Catch 35, your seafood and drink restaurant in Naperville and Chicago.

IMG_4245 (1)

See you soon!