Summer’s Hottest Seafood

Looking for summer’s hottest seafood in Chicago and Naperville? Catch 35 is this summer’s hot spot for fresh seafood in Chicagoland. Flown in daily from the coastal waters of the United States, Catch 35 offers a variety of fresh seafood. As the hot weather rolled in, so has Catch 35’s seasonal selection of seafood. Let’s dig into the summer’s hottest seafood and wine pairings at Catch 35!

  1. Maryland Soft Shell Crab

A true gourmet delicacy, Maryland Soft shell crabs are available from the end of April to Mid-September.

*Soft Shell crab is not always available during this time, please call ahead to the restaurant to check availability*

It develops an intense flavor through the process of molting. Crabs fatten up right before they begin to molt and once they have shed their skin they must be removed from the water within a few hours. Otherwise, their shells will begin to harden again.

On Catch 35’s Summer Menu:

Maryland Softshell Crab, Tempura, onions, carrot ginger dipping sauce, chili aioli, starter-15

Wine Pairing:

Cambria, Viognier, Santa Maria Valley, CA, 2016

Winemaker’s notes: Bright citrus flavors and aromas of lemon-lime, grapefruit and orange, and floral notes of orange blossom balance the acidity of the fruit flavors, and provides a fresh, crisp finish.

This Viognier pairs perfectly with mild spicy dishes, stewed meats, fried seafood, or savory sauces.

Maryland soft shell crab

  1. Nantucket Striped Bass

Known for their beauty, power, and taste-striped bass migrate between saltwater and freshwater found along the eastern Atlantic Ocean to the St. Lawrence River.

Commercial fishing and pollution in the 80’s almost made this delicious fish extinct. However, due to sustainability measures taken the last 20 years and the use of catch & release fishing has brought them back.

Most striped bass have a light-colored flesh and a delicate flavor with firm large flakes. The rich and luxurious flavor packed with ample moisture makes striped bass perfect to bake, saute, broil, and grill.

On Catch 35’s Summer Menu:

Nantucket Striped Bass, Peanuts, fresh rice noodles, Thai vegetables, ginger chili sambal-35

Wine Pairing:

Davis Bynum, Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, CA, 2015

Winemaker’s notes: This Chardonnay has beautiful aromas of baked Fuji apples, lemon custard and white flowers. On the palate, the wine opens up with toasty brioche, hazelnut and baking spices, with a lush finish that is balanced with acidity and a rich creaminess.

Enjoy with creamy cheeses, well spiced dishes or grilled seafood.

striped bass

  1. Alaskan Halibut

Finally, the largest of all flatfish, Alaskan halibut, exceed 400 pounds. Halibut are found throughout most of the waters of Alaska-the Aleutian chain to the southeastern panhandle.

Halibut move seasonally through shallow and deep waters. Therefore, good catches of halibut are made from mid-May through mid-September making it summer’s hottest seafood to eat.

The lean fish is mild and sweet with white large flaky flesh. It is a perfect for the novice seafood eater. The steak of fishes-halibut can baked, broiled, deep fried, poached, sushi, steamed, grilled, and sauteed. It’s best to eat fresh as frozen halibut is less moist and can be easily overcooked.

On Catch 35’s Summer Menu:

Alaskan Halibut, Filet-Sweet pea risotto, Nueske’s bacon vinaigrette

Wine Pairing:

Domaine J.A. Ferret, Pouily-Fuisse, Burgundy, France, 2015

Winemaker’s notes: Subtle notes of minerals, yellow fruits and bouquet aroma, with hints of fresh hazelnuts and spices, and intense finish. Pairs perfectly with rich and creamy sauces and cheeses and pan fried and grilled seafood and shellfish.

Moreover, with locations in Naperville and Chicago, you don’t have to travel too far to find the summer’s hottest seafood. Catch 35 delivers high quality ingredients with creative preparations to guest throughout the Chicagoland area. Celebrate at Catch 35 for your next night out-we offer perks for theater goers as well as specials throughout the work week. See you soon!