More than fresh seafood at Catch 35

Catch 35 Naperville is not only known as one of the BEST SEAFOOD restaurants in Naperville but also the western suburbs.  Did you know that Catch 35 also offers fresh from the farm dishes featuring braised beef short rib, grilled skirt steak, and hot Nashville chicken?

Whether you prefer turf options or like to mix it up with a surf & turf combo, Catch 35 has you covered.  Check out our Steaks/Chicken/Combo entrees on your next visit!


Crispy Lemon Chicken | choice of side| Seared Amish chicken breast, panko Parmesan bread crumb, lemon sauce |19

Skirt Steak | choice of side| 8 oz LHA Reserve skirt steak, turf sauce, portabella mushrooms | 26

Braised Beef Short Ribs | choice of side| Demi glace, portabella mushrooms | 24

Filet Mignon | choice of side| 6 oz. filet, demi glace, portabella mushrooms | 39

Prime Filet of Ribeye | choice of side| Bone in French cut – demi glace – portabella mushrooms | 48

Seared Scallop Surf & Turf  Seared scallops, braised shortrib, red potato hash, black pepper aioli | 27

Grilled Skirt Steak & BBQ Shrimp | choice of side | 8 oz. skirt steak – portabella mushrooms – BBQ grilled shrimp | 28

Whether you are looking for casual dining or celebrating a special life event, Catch 35 Naperville is your destination.  Our comfort food menu focuses on the freshest seafood and tastiest bites to satisfy your taste buds.  Book now or order for curbside pickup at 630-717-3500.  Delivery available thru DoorDash, Grubhub, and Ubereats.