Stretched-Pulled-Rolled: The Noodle

It’s in almost every nation’s cuisine and it is one of the most irresistible staples of the human diet-The Noodle!  It is stretched, pulled, rolled, cut, and extruded.  It fills your belly during cold weather and spices up your taste buds after a late night out.  Noodles are here to stay, humans for thousands of years have embraced this perfectly simple vehicle of flavor and texture.  Let’s dive right into it and see how Catch 35 is celebrating noodles!

On the menu at Catch 35:

Ramen Noodle

Supposedly, the ramen noodle came to Japan in the 1850’s by way of Chinese immigration into the country.  Over the years, the ramen noodle evolved and at times almost was extinct due to trade wars.  Traditionally, ramen is served with Chinese pork in a pork broth.  However, today you can eat over a hundred variations of the dish.  Eventually, it gained back its popularity and has become a staple of not only Japanese diet but also American diet.  It is highly consumed as a good hangover cure or as a late night hot spot for noodle slurping.

Chicken Shoyu ramen with beef short rib

Fresh Wide Rice Noodle

Probably my personal favorite!  This noodle is flat and chewy; when lightly crisped in a hot wok the noodle caramelizes in the sauce it is stir fried in.  It encompasses all things good in the noodle world-chewy, crispy, and savory.  All the pulling, pounding, and twisting it undertakes is definitely worth it.

Ducking Great Noodles

Phad Thai Rice Noodle

Commonly consumed as a street food in Thailand. During World War II, Thailand suffered a food shortage and needed to reduce rice consumption.  The government at the time promoted rice noodles as a way to conserve food and therefore developing the nation of Thailand’s identity.

House made Tagliatelle

A traditional pasta from the Marche region of Italy, tagliatelle is celebrated as a dish for the upper class served on silver plates but over the years has become more commonplace.

House made tagliatelle

We crave them slathered in sauces or topped off with pan seared fresh seafood-Yummy Noodles!  At Catch 35, you can enjoy them during our special seafood weeks every month throughout the year or on our NEW Noodles & Bites bar menu.  Catch 35 offers ½ half the Noodles & Bites bar menu Sunday thru Tuesday after 4pm and Wednesday thru Saturday after 8pm.  Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Catch 35 will satisfy your noodle craving.