The state of seafood in the Midwest!

Growing up in the Midwest, our diets have consisted of mostly meat, cheese, and potatoes.  Not that they are a bad option or anything but today with the worldwide economy at our finger tips, our diets are evolving into areas that previous generations have not yet explored.  The world’s cultures around us are so much more accessible through the internet, Netflix, and Amazon; we want to taste, smell, and touch all of those new and exciting flavors that we see when streaming videos.  So here you are in Midwest most of your life wanting to taste the world-what are the options?

Some people try a new recipe-some succeed others unfortunately end up ordering out that night!  It’s good to try new things-so if you are at the cusp of trying a new dish-let me offer up a bit of guidance.  First of all, seafood in the Midwest can be just as tasty whether it is fried, steamed, or grilled.


Today, with innovations in science and the speediness of delivery-fresh seafood is delivered to our doors next day.  Fresh off the fishing boat, packed, and sent out for delivery.  It’s amazing how fast today’s products are delivered to our doorsteps.  Think of your own experiences on delivery-it used to take weeks if not a month to get your item.  But today with next day shipping, products are so easily accessible so there is no need to travel to East, West, or Gulf coast to get high quality seafood.  So getting back to my point, ocean fresh seafood is now easily accessible and there is no need to just throw it in the fryer.

Cooking Techniques

Sushi grade fish like Yellowfin tuna, seared lightly with a sesame seed crust can be enjoyed without the heavier beer batter.  There are also other ways to prepare seafood like pan seared, roasted, poached, or charcoal grilled.  Each cooking technique lends to a different flavoring and texture to the piece of seafood.  Go outside your norm and try some spicy roasted octopus with Thai chili sauce-dip it in creamy Greek yogurt and chopped fresh garden herbs.  It may be your new favorite!

Our appetite

The state of seafood in the Midwest with innovations in delivery, in addition to people desiring more unique flavors is changing.  The Fish Fry is tried and true here; but new techniques and approaches to food are changing our palates and eating habits.  We now crave that Maine lobster roll in a buttery bun in Chicago.  That freshly shucked oyster that tastes like the ocean as a part of weekly diet in Naperville.  Let’s keep it moving and see what else we Midwesterners can incorporate into our everyday diets.

Catch 35 is a seafood and steak restaurant in Chicago and Naperville offering the freshest seafood and mouthwatering steaks.  Whether it’s a casual evening out or lunch with friends, our menu features a wide variety of seasonal seafood from sandwiches to salads to entrée plates.  Looking for a cool way to explore seafood? Then join us for one of our upcoming food & wine events that explores cooking techniques and unique flavor profiles.  Check out what’s up next at Catch 35!    See you soon.