Winter seafood-Icelandic cod and butter beans

Seasonal seafood is a big part of what makes Catch 35 stand out against the rest.  Fresh seafood is flown in daily from the ocean to your plate.  The cold winter waters bring in some of the most delicate and nutrient rich seafood.  Icelandic cod is new to the menu at Catch 35 so let’s learn a little bit more about it!

On the Menu at Catch 35:

Icelandic cod with panko parsley crust, butter beans, olive oil


Icelandic cod has been a popular choice of nutrition for the Vikings dating back to 800 AD.  It is wild caught in the deep, dark cold waters of the North Atlantic ocean surrounding Iceland.

Butter beans are popular in the southern United States and the United Kingdom.  The creme colored beans are named after butter because their consistency and color are similar.  The rest of the world refers to them as lima beans.


Icelandic cod is white, firm yet flaky and sweeter than other varieties of cod.

Butter beans are flat with a chewy texture and have a very mild flavor.


Both Icelandic cod and butter beans are a great source of protein.  Both are also low in calories and low in fat.  The cod is a great source of omega 3’s.  Butter beans are a healthy carbohydrate and good source of fiber.

During the winter months you might be finding yourself desiring foods that are bit more hearty but that doesn’t mean they need to be unhealthy.  Catch 35’s Icelandic Cod dish strikes the perfect balance of hearty and healthy eating in the New Year.  Topped with a panko parsley crust, the Icelandic cod is crisped to perfection.  The butter beans are slowly braised in a delicate tomato and olive oil sauce until tender.  Paired together Icelandic cod and butter beans are your new Winter favorite seafood at Catch 35.  Remember as the seasons change so does our menu so this dish is only available for a limited time.  Book now!